The Inner Journey
of Spiritual Healing

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Do You Need Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing can definitely help a person who is experiencing extreme hardship, pain, or trauma. When you're traumatized, it's pretty obvious that you need spiritual healing of some kind.

But it can also be what is needed for a person's highest good on a daily basis even when there is no major trauma or pain going on. Sometimes we may experience a lack of enthusiasm, joy, and purpose in life, even though there is no real major problem in our lives that we could pinpoint. We may be getting by in life okay, so there's no obvious need for healing anything. But we begin to yearn for something more.

That's when embarking on an inner journey of spiritual healing can help with:

  • Emotional healing so we can clear limiting beliefs and forgive ourselves
  • Energy healing so we can raise our vibrations to match our positive visualizations
  • Mind power so we can consciously change our subconscious minds to change our lives
  • Body healing, relaxation, and calm so we can be free of worry, fear, anger, and stress
  • Prosperity consciousness so we can affirm and give thanks for the abundance of the Universe that is evident everywhere

Life-saving self-help tools

I recently had a real need for spiritual healing when I fell into a deep depression after the loss of loved ones. I fell so deeply into a pit of grief that I finally scared myself a little bit and a faint survival instinct inside of me woke up. Something inside told me there was a ray of hope, a glimmer of light, and I just needed to get a little help out of the pit.

I personally felt the need for self-help tools; something that I could use in those desperate early morning hours when I would wake up and not be able to stop my mind from spiraling downward. Undoubtedly, the support of loves ones and counseling are helpful and vital resources, but I really wanted something that I could self-administer to my own overstressed mind and body.

I discovered many resources that have helped me heal personally—self-help techniques and tools that nurture the psyche and help me to be the master of my own mind and form new, joy-affirming thoughts and habits.

Don't wait to hit bottom

Hitting bottom emotionally is a great motivator to make a change in yourself and your approach to life. But why wait to hit bottom? Even if you’re not in crisis mode right now like I was, perhaps you feel you just haven’t reached your full potential. Just making the conscious decision to improve your life will move you one of those baby steps forward.

And then take action; begin an inner journey of your own to experience spiritual healing as a daily habit. Meditate, take a nature walk, try sound therapy, use self-hypnosis, heal your inner child, do some tapping, practice yoga—there are so many ways you can start the journey. I invite you to explore some of the paths I’ve taken that offer amazing self-help techniques that have worked well for me.

Seeking to Share

Being an artist, I've been inspired to create drawings and paintings that depict my spiritual journey. I call these works my "spiritual art" because they have been inspired by a feeling or experience I've had on my spiritual path. The paintings are healing for me in a few ways; while I'm painting them, I feel a wonderful healing process. It feels like I'm using my "voice" and really expressing things that aren't easy to express.

But then after the painting is done, it continues to be a healing thing for me to just see it on my wall, because it reminds me that I was able to express such deep feelings and move beyond them. I believe that artwork that is created with healing intentions in mind can be a healing influence for others too, not just for the artist.

I sincerely hope that sharing my artwork and experiences with you will inspire you to seek that beautiful, joyful, best version of yourself that is within you. Happy seeking!

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