About Lisa

I'm Lisa—an artist, teacher, mother, and wife—but most of all, I'm a seeker. I have been seeking my "best self" for years, with the aim to manifest love, health, prosperity, and good in my life. But for the past year or so, my seeking has taken a serious turn—out of necessity, I have had to forge a path to my own survival. I desperately needed to find a way to survive the overwhelming grief that I was feeling.

Overwhelmed by grief

After losing a beloved family member in 2012, I had become so grief-stricken that I could barely function. I had long bouts of uncontrollable crying. There were times when I had to pull my car over because a sudden wave of sobbing had overtaken me when I was driving. My default outlook on life was becoming very negative and hopeless, and I was constantly imagining and fearing that I would soon lose other loved ones too. I was really suffering.

A thread of hope

But through that heavy cloud of grief, I kept hearing a tiny voice inside me that told me I could heal from this, that I NEEDED to heal from this if I wanted to have a peaceful, joyful life again. I know that the voice was a part of myself that was still strong, that still had faith. Some part of me, deep down, was not going to give up on life, and the little voice kept piercing through my grief like a tiny ray of sun. That voice was like a thin thread of hope that dangled before me, and something inside me finally chose to grab hold of it. That was my turning point when I said "yes, I want to heal from this grief. My loved one would want that for me."

That's when I began to really seek. I was determined to find a way to heal my spirit. I tried a lot of different things, figuring I would eventually hit on something that worked. Thankfully, I found many tools that helped heal me from the inside out. It turns out a lot of the things I tried worked! Self-hypnosis, subliminal and binaural audio, guided meditation, tapping, and more—I tried whatever I could find. And now I just really want to share all those things that have helped me come out of that terrible grief-stricken depression. If sharing my experiences can help even just one other person, it will be worth it.

Speaking from my spirit

I feel so grateful that I have come out of the dark place I was in, and I appreciate having this opportunity to write about and share my journey. My inner seeking also inspires me to create artwork that depicts my experiences. I love doing this kind of soul-inspired art. My mission as an artist is to create works of art that are encouraging and inspiring, and that speak to a person's spirit.

That's really why I created this website—to encourage and inspire you, especially if your heart is broken by a loss. I hope you get my message—either from my words or my art—that you can heal your heartbreak.