Let Joy Into Your Life with
Emotional Healing

If something is keeping joy out of your life, you may need emotional healing. If you constantly hear negative self talk in your mind, or if you can't forgive yourself for something (whether justified or not), you need emotional healing. If you have a wounded inner child, for whatever reason, you need an emotional healing. 

Healing Pain From the Past
is Empowering

Most of us have times we remember from our childhood when we were disappointed, hurt, or traumatized in some way. Painful experiences from childhood can create stubborn limiting beliefs and self-doubt inside us; even self-loathing at times. These are such deep-seated beliefs that they can be difficult to rise above. Consciously we may be attempting to practice positive thinking and making other efforts to improve our lives, but if we don’t have an emotional healing and clear these blockages at a deep level, we won’t make any progress.

Taking steps toward emotionally healing oneself is very empowering. And if that feeling of self-empowerment is nurtured and exercised, it can grow bigger inside you. Even the smallest act of helping yourself can give you momentum and strength so that next time you’ll be able to take a bigger step towards your dreams. When you take the time to connect with your "real self" that may be somewhat covered up by the outer trappings of daily life, you will naturally move more confidently toward your good.

When you don't accept your real self, and you lack self-confidence, interacting with people can be a frightening thought. This can result in social anxiety. This kind of extreme shyness can be very limiting to your life and emotionally painful, but there are ways you can overcome it. Many times extreme shyness can stem from a lack of self-confidence. Many people seem naturally blessed with high levels of confidence, but thankfully self confidence can be learned.

Love and Forgive Yourself

Sometimes there is a need to forgive ourselves for some downfall we see in ourselves, real or imagined. This can be a vital step on the way to our quest for our best life. We also need to make sure we engage in positive self talk, not negative. Sometimes negative talk is the "default" that we have going on in our heads, but we need to watch that closely and correct it.

Old emotional wounds from our childhood often block us from really experiencing our good. It's possible to do an inner child healing and to once and for all nurture oneself from the inside, replaying the scene in your mind in an improved, nurturing way that perhaps didn't happen when you were actually a child. It’s a powerful concept.

Emotional Healing from Grief

I was recently so overwhelmed with grief over the loss of a loved one that it kind of paralyzed me. I was simply not functioning in the important aspects of my life because I was stuck in the pain of my grief. I had really hit an emotional bottom and I became stuck in grief, fear, and resentment. After one particular bout of crying, I finally stopped, slightly worn out, and lo and behold I could “hear” something inside me saying “grab on.”

It was that life force in me, the spark inside that let me know I could choose to get past this, and to have an amazing life. I had to do my part and take action on this urge... take responsibility for improving my current conditions... but the Universe, God, that gave me that reassuring inner voice was definitely there to support me in lifting myself out of that dark hole.

  • KNOW that you have everything you need to change your life.
  • ACT on that knowledge, taking responsibility for your own life conditions.
  • And CHOOSE to find your best self and live your best life.

Emotional healing can free you from the past and empower you with the confidence to achieve your wildest dreams.

Know your "real self"

Forgive yourself

Talk positively to yourself

Heal your inner child

• Surviving grief

• Overcome your shyness

• Improve self confidence