Heal Your Life With Hypnosis

Hypnosis has improved my life; it has healed and continues to heal me in areas of my psyche that I can’t seem to reach with mere mental determination. It is a proven tool that has worked 100% of the times that I’ve tried it; some cases have been more dramatic than others, but there has been movement in the right direction every time I’ve used it.

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It is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind

When I say hypnosis heals, it's not in the sense of curing an illness that I mean; it's the "healing" or reprogramming of deep-seated thoughts and emotions. This allows me the power over my own mind to dramatically improve my life in areas where I previously felt helpless.

Hypnosis allowed me to finally let go of the fear of flying, a phobia that had prevented me from the joy of visiting my daughter in New York for ten years. She would come to our house to visit, so I told myself that it wasn’t that bad that I didn’t go to her. And besides, one of these days I would take a cross-county road trip and THEN I’ll visit her. Right?!

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After more than ten years of allowing a phobia to restrict my life, I finally made the choice to try an audio track from Uncommon Knowledge called “Overcome Fear of Flying.” Even though I had used other tracks from them for different issues, I was amazed at how using Overcome Fear of Flying for just one week brought me to a point of feeling completely cured. I used to quiver and cry in utter fear even at the mere thought of buying plane tickets, and I would really lose it the closer it got to the date of the trip. 

But after using Overcome Fear of Flying, I am completely calm about it, from planning the trip all the way up to boarding, take-off, flight, and landing. In fact, I actually enjoy flying now. This has been the most dramatic result I’ve had from using self-hypnosis by far, but I have made progress on every issue I've worked on using audio sessions from Uncommon Knowledge.

Over 800 sessions available with new ones every month

One of my recent favorites is “Act On Your Ideas.” I had found myself with so many ideas and long to-do lists that I became paralyzed with overwhelm and would usually just stay frozen in my inaction. This track helped me become more productive after only two sessions. I added “Energy Booster” too, alternating it with Act On Your Ideas, and I started becoming a dynamo!

Some of the titles that I’ve tried include:

  • Overcome Fear of Failure
  • Release Your Inner Artist
  • Improve Concentration and Focus
  • Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Declutter Your Life
  • Sleep and Dream
  • Dealing with Grief

The guys from Uncommon Knowledge are simply the best

I’ve tried self-hypnosis audios from other hypnotists, and there are some fine ones out there. But personally, I’ve gotten the best results from Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell from Uncommon Knowledge. For one thing, the more than 800 different audios they’ve created are each uniquely scripted throughout. With other downloads I’ve tried, I’ve noticed that the relaxation and induction portions in the beginning of the sessions are identical, almost word for word, and then the scripts vary when the hypnotist begins dealing with the specific issue. But Elliott and Tyrrell have written totally unique scripts for their over 800 downloads. I really value that attention to detail that these guys have. I also feel that they both have extremely effective delivery as far as voice tone and word choice.

If you’ve never tried self-hypnosis before, it’s a very pleasant experience. I like to be in a recliner using good headphones or ear buds. The hypnotist starts out kind of chatting calmly about your issue, making some good common sense points. Soon he invites you to relax and close your eyes. He brings you through a relaxation sequence that makes you begin to forget about your body. And then at some point, you move into a state of trance, although there are times when I’ve stayed more alert feeling, and other times when I’ve dozed off; it has still been effective even in those cases.

I feel so empowered knowing self-hypnosis is a readily available tool that really works to move my life forward in areas where I’ve been stuck or blocked. With the vast library available, it’s easy to find the track that addresses your specific need. And they keep creating new downloads every month, so there are always new tracks to try.

I believe anyone who is trying to conquer an issue that's been holding them back—something that they’ve been unsuccessfully grappling with—can definitely benefit through the technique of self-hypnosis. It has become one of my most valued mental health tools that help me so much in my daily life.

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Learning hypnosis will help you . . .

• Become more
• Tap into creativity
• Understand yourself
     and others
• Learn how to stay calm
     under pressure
• Develop laser-like
     focus and

The course is an incredible value and a great investment in yourself.

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