Remove Your Mental Blocks

You may have a mental block or two getting in the way of your good if your life is not going the way you want it to be going. You have to be very diligent because even as you clear one out, another may pop up. But never give up, you can slay these "dragons" in your way, and you will become stronger as you do.

Mental blocks that get in the way of your success can be dealt with by a number of different techniques. What's more difficult is identifying them in the first place. You may think your problem is procrastination so maybe you read books about how to stop procrastinating, and although these may be helpful, you could still be kept from your highest good if there is an underlying belief that makes you procrastinate. We often form a limiting belief system that we erroneously harbor, like "I'm not worthy" or "I'm not smart enough." If you really held these thoughts deep down about yourself, your outward behavior would very logically include procrastination because that would be consistent with your negative belief. Yet merely addressing the procrastination without ridding yourself of the underlying cause of it will not clear the entire obstacle, only the first layer of it. You need to keep peeling the layers of these self-imposed limits as they become apparent to you, and remove them so you can live your best life.

Many different events can be the reason why we develop limiting beliefs; it could go all the way back to a childhood trauma or disappointment, or even more subtly, it could stem from an overall message we may have gotten from our parents without being a specific experience. For instance, when a parent doesn't hold a sincere belief in the abilities of the child, this is an attitude that gets communicated to that child one way or another, even if only through subtle body language or voice tone. It doesn't have to be a blatant case of abuse or neglect to have an impact on creating a negative self image in the child's mind. In this case, a lack of self-belief will likely be an obstacle for that child.

But aside from beliefs stemming from childhood memories, we can also adopt limiting ideas from various outer stimuli like movies and TV, co-workers and friends. Even the daily pressures of life can wear down your spirit to a point where you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, and therefore developing limiting beliefs about your life's possibilities.

Tapping has to be, without a doubt, the best technique I have found to clear out limiting beliefs. The science behind it is fascinating and encouraging. Tapping on points while talking out your painful issues allows the trauma that had been stored in your psyche and body to be discovered and released. A better word than "released" might be "disarmed." Because I believe trauma is stored in the body with a "fight or flight" vibration of adrenalin and angst, so tapping that out while concentrating on the issue literally dissolves that adrenalin-filled association with the experience. And this clearing removes that mental block from your path. It's wonderful to me because it is a simple and a rather mechanical tool; it works even if you don't totally buy into it. You don't have to fall into the perfect trance, or do the most focused meditation ever, just do the technique and you can really dissolve those stubborn issues holding you back.