Mind Movies Lets You
Animate Your Vision Board

I discovered the Mind Movies program when it was first introduced by Natalie Ledwell, and I've used it ever since. It's a wonderful and simple-to-use software program that lets you produce dynamic video vision boards. And it's totally customizable by you. There are libraries of images, affirmations, and music to choose from, or you can upload your own images, write your own affirmations, and choose your own music if you want. It's actually really fun to use.

Think about that - watching images and affirmations chosen or created by you, moving with dynamic transitions and visual effects - it really helps you get engaged and excited as you visualize your goals. And in the latest version, Mind Movies 4.0, they've added two cool features; first, you can now use video clips in your movie; and second, you can actually add a subliminal audio track to give even more subconscious power to this visualization tool. There are different categories to choose from such as health, relationships, finances, etc. (Click here to find out more.)

Mind Movies Over-Delivers

Natalie Ledwell and the Mind Movies team definitely over-deliver when it comes to customer service. They give away samples for free in a few different categories so you can see firsthand how it enhances your enthusiasm when you do your creative visualizations. They also offer great tutorials on how to use the program. There is a PDF booklet as well as a number of detailed how-to videos. Another thing I like is that the newsletter I receive from them always offers me valuable and inspiring content, it's not just a constant sales pitch from them. I've gotten on some lists that end up bombarding me several times every day with annoyingly urgent sales pitches, so this is something I really look out for! I receive an email from Mind Movies about every 3 to 5 days, which I don't consider overdoing it.

Never In Your Wildest Dreams

A book Natalie wrote called "Never In Your Wildest Dreams" is another reason why I'm a big fan of hers. I got the Kindle version of the book and read it on my iPad, which made it really fun because each chapter has a multimedia component at the end. So I found myself devouring each chapter quickly and then jumping eagerly into Natalie's interactive "Inside The Chapter" segments.

If you get the printed book, you'll find links to where you can access these sections. I would describe the book as a self-help type of book that is written in the form of a fictional story. The tone of the book is not pure fiction - you can sense that a message is being conveyed - but the story is engaging and leads you through the process of manifestation by way of the main character in the story. You see her struggles and her triumphs, and you can relate to what she goes through. The "Inside the Chapter" sections draw you in even more, with meditations and other exercises that help you experience the message of the book while you're reading about a character doing the same thing. It's just a fun and encouraging experience to read this book, so I highly recommend it.

Mind Movies is an amazing visualization tool. It's like an animated vision board. You can get six free sample Mind Movies here.