Cultivate A
Prosperity Consciousness

Do you have a prosperity consciousness? Or do you have a mindset of lack?

It's a huge challenge to maintain a positive prosperity attitude on the inside while our outer reality is showing us that we are lacking. It can be encouraging to remember that, like the ocean tides, there is a natural ebb and flow to money.

One of the fastest ways to turn your mindset from lack to abundance even during times of tight finances is to look at your life and find things to be grateful about. Truly, the more things you find to be thankful for, the more blessings you'll begin to see in your life.

Attracting Prosperity

The law of attraction already plays a role for all of us, every day, even if we’re not aware of it. Whatever we focus on in our minds is what we attract to ourselves whether we are conscious of it or not. In fact, what we focus on sub-consciously has the biggest effect on the outcome in our lives, regardless of what we concentrate on with our conscious minds.

The ideal trick is to learn how to utilize this law to manifest the best results for ourselves. Even though I've manifested some amazing things in many areas of my life, there are a few areas that remain stubbornly elusive to me. I’ve realize that I’m still holding on to some limiting beliefs on a sub-conscious level, so that no matter how vividly I may consciously concentrate on my dreams and goals, those negative sub-conscious beliefs are much stronger and are actually blocking the positivity that I’m trying to project. Therefore, the limiting, negative beliefs are what really get projected outwardly and I thus attract exactly that - rather limited results, and certainly NOT what I picture as my highest good.

Unblocking the Flow of Good

The Law of Attraction is more of an attitude and a practice than a "law" in my mind. There are a few steps you can take to begin your prosperity practice:

  • Develop a daily attitude of gratitude
  • Know your intentions, goals, and dreams
  • Clear your subconscious of limiting beliefs
  • Repeat positive affirmations morning and night
  • Use conscious, creative visualization
  • Give generously and receive gracefully

Taking these steps requires determination and consistency, but you are worth it. The results are as sure to manifest in your life as an apple is sure to fall from the tree when the stem weakens. You owe it to yourself to incorporate this knowledge into your life... you can do it!

Raise your vibration to one of joy, love, and gratitude, and you will be a magnet for prosperity.