Know Your Real Self

Who is your "real self?" What makes you tick? Sometimes when we are so preoccupied with just getting by in life, we lose track of the essence of ourselves. We don't have time (or so we think) to consider our innermost dreams because we are just trying to keep up with the bills, the hectic schedule, the "daily grind." But knowing your real self is so vital to being able to shake loose from that grind and live a more fulfilling life.

What Do You Want For Yourself?

Let's face it, if you don't know who you are, and what makes you "tick" then how are you going to manifest your best life anyway? You definitely have to be able to picture it for yourself. And the thing is, "the best life" may be very different to each person... to one person, living in an opulent mansion would be the best, while another person would love to live in a humble little cabin in the country somewhere. What is your true highest desire? Not what other people think would be best for you, what YOU deep down inside, want and see for yourself.

Your Core Values

What are your values? If you haven't thought about this before, it's a great exercise to sit down and list about 5 core values that you choose for your life. So ask yourself "what code of values are important to me?" Some different examples of core values are:

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Forgiveness
  • Dependability
  • Charity

There are more of course. The Book of Virtues was recently a big seller, and it covers this topic quite well. When you determine what your values are, then it can give you a sense of confidence - you don't have to doubt your words or actions if you double check them against your list of core values. And remember, if one of your values is being kind and compassionate, don't forget to turn those values on yourself too... be kind to yourself!

Get Clear On Your Dreams

Another great exercise is to brainstorm exactly what it is you want for your life. Not as specific as what kind of job, or which kind of car you want, but more "the big picture." Do you want financial freedom so you can live on the coast and write? Do you want to sail the ocean for a year with your loved one? Do you want to own a successful business that employs many people? Get clear on what outcome would make your dreams come true.

It's all about having a clear vision of who you really are and what is important to you so you can take your triumphant journey towards your dream life.