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Easy Tool, Even for Beginners

Self-hypnosis downloads have been one of the most effective tools I’ve used on my quest to seek my best self. I’ve used it to help me with things like stress-reduction, self-confidence, motivation, productivity, prosperity consciousness, and even creativity, and I’ve definitely felt improvement in those areas as I used the downloads. Self-hypnosis is especially great as a beginner’s tool; you don’t have to work hard at meditation, or try and convince yourself to believe in your positive affirmations. Instead, you just put headphones on, sit back, and relax. The hypnotist’s voice does the rest, and you come out of the session very relaxed, but also having made progress on your issue at a subconscious level. And of course, you may need to do the same session a number of times; repetition is a powerful part of self-hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis Downloads for Almost Any Issue

There are so many audio offerings by numerous hypnotists; you can find a self-hypnosis download for just about any issue, phobia, or challenge that you need help with. Two hypnotists that I use and I highly recommend are Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell from Uncommon Knowledge’s Hypnosis Downloads. They produce really high-quality audio, and they have an extensive library of just about any topic you can imagine. In fact, below is a search function for their website, in case you want to check out the issue your thinking about right now.

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Not All Hypnotists Are Equal

Some self-hypnosis downloads have really impacted my life, while others have not been as effective. I think a lot of this may be fairly subjective; a lot of the effectiveness has to do with the sound of the hypnotist’s voice and whether I find it soothing or not. If the hypnotist’s voice has some quality about it that is distracting for whatever reason, it can be difficult to really “go under” sufficiently. So in some ways, you may need to simply try out a few before you find what works best for you. Often you can get free samples, which I highly recommend.

Beyond the hypnotist’s tone of voice, quality of the audio recording can be a huge factor in the effectiveness. The two sources of self-hypnosis downloads that I’ve found to be the best quality are Hypnosis Downloads, and Natural Hypnosis. Both of these use dynamic techniques in their recordings in which the voice sometimes seems to be in back of you and other times seems to be right in your ear. This has a profound effect on opening up the subconscious mind, which of course makes the session really sink in.

The Audio That Changed My Life

I mentioned above the various issues that self-hypnosis have helped me with. But I left out the biggest issue of all, one that I only recently worked on using an audio download called “Fear of Flying” by Roger Elliott. I hadn’t flown in an airplane for 15 years, and I had developed quite an intense phobia about it. I convinced myself that I would never really have to fly again if I didn’t want to—after all, I preferred road trips! But recently a situation came up with a close family member that I needed to go visit—they lived on the other side of the country, and I needed to fly there. I started getting panic attacks months before the trip at the mere thought of going to the airport. Amazingly, the Fear of Flying audio really worked for me, so much so that I not only wasn’t afraid of flying when the time came—I actually enjoyed every minute of all my flights. I didn’t even cringe at the turbulence. It was really miraculous for me in my life, and I believe conquering that fear gave me extra confidence in other areas of my life too. I’m a true believer, so I highly encourage you to try it for any issue you may be struggling with.