My Spiritual Art Gallery

I call other people's artwork spiritual art when it inspires a healing vibration in me or moves something inside my spirit that feels positive and enlightening. I call my own artwork spiritual art when it is a piece that I create while very connected to my spiritual center and focusing on a spiritual healing experience I've had.

Lately I've been feeling very liberated with my artwork; I've been completely letting go of the need to have my artwork turn out a certain way, instead using the process of creating as art therapy rather than a means of producing a predetermined piece. Sure, I still enjoy doing paintings that require a lot of detailed drawing and transferring the image onto the final canvas. But that's more like illustrating, which has a different purpose than freely painting whatever is in your heart.

Please enjoy my ongoing contributions to spiritual art in this gallery.

Spirit Lives

Painted in 1976

The triumph of life and the human spirit in the midst of chaos and collapse.

A painting of hope and faith.

Finding Inner Peace

Going within and allowing your mind to become one with the Life Force no matter what distractions are tugging at you--that is how inner peace can be found.

Through Dark Skies With Love

Love surrounds me even through dark times. There are bright skies ahead.

Surviving Grief

Sometimes it's a very thin thread of light that reaches us in the depths of grief. Hold onto it... and have faith that you can be lifted out of that deep, dark cave of sorrow you're in.

Prosperity Dreamscape

A beautiful, lush land in my dreams where riches of light, color, and vibrations flow all around. I hold a glowing ball of Life Force in my hands and contemplate it in the moment.

Another New Dawn

We get the chance for a new beginning every day. How wondrous is that? A new chance for new creations.

Spiritual Healing Landscape

I found an abundance of paths--tools and techniques--that help me heal and awaken spiritually. I'm truly grateful for my spiritual healing landscape that keeps growing.

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Magic Art

A painting created with the intention of depicting spiritual inspiration retains the positive energy of the original artist.

And if the person who hangs the painting on the wall feels that same inspiration, then the painting will add the viewer's positive energy to the artist's original energy, and the painting becomes energetically inspiring.

Truly, artwork can be a magical tool.