The Tapping Technique  is
A Powerful Healer

I've recently discovered a tapping technique that is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing from past traumas. It's also known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. That's a term that promises a lot, isn't it? Gaining true emotional freedom allows you to move past obstacles and self-sabotage - things that may be subconsciously preventing you from achieving your goals.

Tapping helps reprogram the "fight or flight" impulse

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What you do is just tap on various meridian points of your face, head, and chest while making statements about your problem or challenge. Just let yourself unleash all your complaints about the unwanted condition while gently tapping these specific meridian points. You can just rant and rave—really let it out!

This calms down your emotionally charged negativity about the problem or incident. Before you know it, your comments are sounding more rational and without the anger, fear, guilt, or other feeling behind them. Practicing this technique will lead to the complete removal of any mental blocks that may be keeping you from attaining your highest good. Some blocks have taken a long time to form, so you may need multiple sessions of tapping to conquer those really tough issues, but believe me, there will be SOME movement in the right direction every time you do a session.

This tool can be used in cases of physical pain as well as emotional pain. It has been used successfully by people experiencing post-traumatic stress. EFT actually re-programs the mind so that when you think about the trauma, your body no longer has an adrenaline filled "fight or flight" reaction to thoughts about the pain and whatever negative conditions or events may have caused it.

My Top Four Tapping Practitioners

There are a lot of EFT practitioners and they each seem to have different styles.

Nick Ortner, Author and Producer
You can easily learn how to do it on your own - Nick Ortner's "The Tapping Solution" is an excellent book that will help you do that. Nick has made tremendous contributions to the world with tapping through his Tapping Solution Foundation's trauma relief projects around the world. He has produced a film called "Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown" that is a moving portrayal of "a journey of hope, healing, and possibility." Click here to view the film and find out more about this great work.

Jessica Ortner, Stress Reduction and Weight-Loss Coach
Nick's sister Jessica is also a tapping coach. She has done some excellent work in issues about self-love, and she has written a book called "The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence." Her goal as stated on her website is to "empower you to dump the stress, relish in your successes, and make your life an adventure in happiness." Both Ortners offer a World Tapping Summit once a year that I highly recommend if you're interested in learning from many different respected EFT coaches. In fact, here is a great video of hers showing beginners how to tap:

Brad Yates — EFT Wizard on YouTube
I also enjoy tapping along with a practitioner. If you search on YouTube, you'll find numerous videos for this purpose. One of my favorites is Brad Yates. He has tons (I mean TONS) of free tapping videos on YouTube for just about every challenge under the sun. His style is very positive and nurturing - he just seems like a really great guy!  I really love the fact that I can do a search on his YouTube channel for a specific issue I'm having a tough time with that day, and he inevitably has a tapping video for it.  He is constantly creating new ones, and he seems to take requests when people make suggestions. He does live workshops around the world too. I've embedded a number of his videos here on this website, and I just very highly recommend him if you like tapping along with someone.

Margaret Lynch, Rockstar Entrepreneurial Coach
Margaret is another inspiring tapping practitioner on YouTube, and I've had some very powerful sessions tapping along with her. She has concentrated quite a bit on tapping for wealth. Her area of specialization these days is coaching other coaches, although whether her videos are for coaches or not, they usually apply to everyone. I find listening to her is extremely empowering. She exudes so much energy that it seems to flow from the computer screen right to you! Her positivity is infectious. When you go to her YouTube channel, check out her different playlists to find the set of videos that will fit best for what you need. My favorite playlist of hers is "Tapping for Wealth and Income."