Best Yoga Classes Online

I have discovered the best resource for yoga classes online. It's called Yoga Downloads, and they have hundreds of different yoga classes—really, they have over 800 classes—as well as meditation, chakra balancing, and many other great offerings.

Yoga classes online—
Not all are equal

I used to go searching around on YouTube for yoga videos, and there are tons of them there, spanning a wide range of quality levels. There are indeed some good yoga channels there, but the thing that makes Yoga Downloads so much better is that you can find classes according to skill level.

I can't tell you how many videos I tried on YouTube before discovering Yoga Downloads where I started out thinking it was a good fit for me, but inevitably I would end up trying something that was too difficult for me and hurt myself! Now, I definitely take full responsibility for my own well-being, but I do like all the different filters you can use to search for classes.

Long list of amazing yoga teachers

There are so many different instructors offering classes on Yoga Downloads, each with their own unique styles. This is really important and another reason to try a subscription, because you can freely try different classes and different instructors to see which ones are the best fit. Then you can download up to four classes per month with a subscription once you find certain classes and instructors that really work for you.

Help for Hip Pain and Spine Mobility

Jackie Casal Mahrou is one of my favorites. She has an amazing class for people who have hip pain—another way of searching by the way, by "focus." For example, you can search for classes that focus on Yoga for hip pain, which is what I did. I found an excellent beginner class called Heavenly Hip Openers. That one class worked wonders on pain that I sometimes feel in my hip that extends down my leg.

Jackie offers another great class called Daily Decompression that will help you decompress and elongate your spine, increase mobility, and relax your mind. Click here or on the image below to access this class for free:

yoga for spine, spinal decompression, spinal mobility, spine decompression

If you have a local yoga studio or YMCA where you can enjoy an in-person yoga group or class, that can be a great experience. But I really prefer accessing yoga classes online, especially since I've found this source that has every variety of style I could imagine and that gives me so much control of what skill level and intensity level I want in a class. As a beginner, I can really trust the ratings given to the classes and go through a class knowing that it's a good fit, and I love that!